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finding ways to help others. remote Android Dev at @Udacity | husband | fur dad | geek | runner | |

The mobile team here at Udacity recently removed the last features in our apps that were written with React Native .

We’ve received numerous questions regarding our usage or React Native and why we’ve stopped investing in it.

In this post, I hope to answer the majority of the questions we’ve received and give insight into:

I certainly won’t claim to be an expert on React Native. Others on our team have much more experience than I do, but I doubt they would claim to be experts either.

I’ll be speaking from our own experiences about what did and didn’t work in our specific situation. Whether React Native is right for your team/project is up to you, but hopefully this post will provide an additional useful datapoint to consider.

I also want to point out that these experiences and opinions are from the mobile-engineering team here at Udacity, and no one else. The thoughts here don’t reflect the opinions of any other teams using, or building content for, React or React Native.

The Team

First things first. What does our team look like? The size, experience, and organization of your team can have a real impact on the viability of React Native for your project.

Our mobile-engineering team is split across the iOS and Android platforms.

When introducing React Native:


Over the course of our ~18 months with React Native, both our iOS and Android teams grew in size.

The team saw a new PM take the helm.

We went transitioned through multiple designers design paradigms.

How comfortable was/is each team with Javascript and a React paradigm when introducing React Native?


The sole dev on the iOS team was quite comfortable jumping into React Native having had ample previous experience with Javascript and web development.

Today, three of four iOS devs are at least moderately comfortable working with Javascript React Native.


At the introduction of React Native, one of the two Android developers was comfortable with Javascript. The other (myself) had very little Javascript, React, or web background.

The additional Android developer that joined the team also has little Javascript or web experience.

The Apps

What do our apps do?

Our mobile apps aim to bring the Udacity learning experience to your mobile device. They support authentication, content discovery, program registration (and in some cases payment), and finally the consumption of learning materials across a variety of programs and content types.

The apps are also a testing ground for new, experimental features and initiatives aimed at improving the overall learning outcomes for our users.

When React Native was introduced, the apps were very close to feature equivalent.

As time has gone on, core experiences have stayed mostly equivalent but each team has also increased the number of “experiments” exclusive to one platform or the other.

Additionally, due to much greater international demand, initiatives such as localization and smaller apk size have becoming an increasing priority for the Android team. The Android team has also worked closely at times with teams in other locales for market specific features that are not a priority for iOS.

Size of the codebases
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Nicole Collier is an on-location portrait photographer based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. We interviewed Nicole to find out how she got her business up and running, what keeps her inspired and why she loves to use Lensbaby with her personal photography.

When did you decide to become a professional photographer and how did you get started?

I registered my business name Nicole Collier Photography back in 2009 when I felt confident that I could produce quality portraits for clients. I guess it was the start of Facebook where my images were being viewed regularly, people would start to make comments that my love of photography should be made into a business. I couldn’t agree more…since I no longer worked after having my 2 girls, I needed something that was going to fit with my family circumstances. And so began the journey of a photography business.

What type of camera and gear do you use?

I use a Canon 5dMII with a variety of lenses. I use my Lensbaby a lot for personal use. I have aComposer Pro with the Sweet 35 Optic, theEdge 80 Opticand the Scout with Fisheye. Otherwise I use 24-70mm 2.8, 85mm 1.8, 50mm 1.4 and 100mm macro.

You’ve done some really lovely portraits of your daughters using the Sweet 35 Optic and Edge 80 Optic. When and why did you decide you wanted to add Lensbaby into the mix?

It was after I saw Deb Schwedhelm use Lensbaby. I love the dreamy feel Lensbaby gives to images. The result is something unique and not something you can get from any other lenses. It suits my style of photography, I think, especially when I feel like doing something a little more arty.

We were introduced to your work when you participated in the Lensbaby Summer Story Challenge. You often use the storyboard format on your blog. How or why did you develop this style for your work?

I use the storyboards quite a bit as I think visually, it has more impact than a single image. Also, I didn’t want to be uploading hundreds of photos to Facebook so I found that this was a clean and easy way to showcase several photos at once. I’m very conscious about not overloading my ‘friends’ with too many photos. My blog will then showcase the images individually so that they are larger and easier to view…unless I really love the storyboard!

What keeps you inspired?

Oh…sooooo many things!! My daughters (aged 8 and 5) inspire me a lot as they are quite creative little people and often will suggest certain poses or props. They really get into character when we set out to do a shoot. It’s so fun! I’m inspired by them in the everyday things also. There’s always a story to tell! I’m also inspired by new locations, new clothing, new puppy haha…anything that is different to what I have done before. I LOVE Pinterest! I love the variety of styles showcased. After browsing images on Pinterest I am always inspired to get the camera out and try something new.

You mentioned Pinterest and Facebook, what other social media platforms do you find yourself using for your personal or professional photography?

Instagram. I use it everyday for personal photos. While on our travels thru the USA/Mexico, I hardly ever took my 5dMii as it is so cumbersome when travelling with kids so everything was shot using my iphone. Some of my favorite photos are on Instagram. A lot of photographers use Instagram for their professional work so it’s also a resource for inspiration.

See more of Nicole Collier’s work at her website: Free Shipping Cheap Fat Face Womens Broderie Trim Pyjama Top For Sale Official Site Buy Cheap Genuine h3aaHdT3

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