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Are There Use Cases We Think Would Be A BetterFit?

I don’t think anyone on our team believes that React Native is without its merits. I certainly believe there are use cases for which React Native is very well suited.

Do you need to prototype/build a new app from scratch, quickly, on both platforms?

Are you building an app/feature that will look/behave the same regardless of platform?

Do you have Javascript developers with spare dev cycles that you would like to contribute to mobile?

If you answered to any of these questions, React Native is possibly a viable option for you.

In particular, I think if you have a Javascript/React background and are looking to build an app which won’t require much native code, then React Native is a very attractive option. It will enable you to start building on mobile without having to learn 2 different tech stacks.

For greenfield development on a fully cross-platform application, React Native could also be an excellent choice.

Would We Use React NativeAgain?

The iOS and Android teams have a difference of opinion here.

Possibly. The iOS team was generally pretty happy working with React Native and has considered building new functionality with it. Additionally, on the product side of things our PM has more confidence in a React Native solution running on iOS than on Android.

No. Ideally, the Android team would not be investing into React Native in the future. We found the process of integrating with React Native components cumbersome, and felt the resulting experiences didn’t work as well across all Android devices.

Additionally, there is a sense of preferring to stick to a single development stack rather than adding a new layer of abstraction and possible bugs on top of the Android framework.

Our impression was that React Native was faster to get a new feature running on Android, but took longer to take that feature from early stages to polished release, to long-term maintenance.

Would We Use Another Cross-Platform SolutionAgain?

As a team, we probably wont be investing into cross platform development in the near future. It’s possible the iOS team could build something using React Native and still keep it specific to iOS since they generally enjoyed the experience more.

Individually, members of the team continue to follow React Native as well as Flutter. As solutions such as React Native and Flutter continue to evolve, we will continue to evaluate them for our team.

So, that’s where we are today.

We have a better understanding of how React Native fits our team and our roadmap. We can use that information going forward to make informed decisions about the right technology choices for our team.

We see the merits of React Native as well as the limitations. Can we say definitively whether or not React Native is right for you?


But hopefully our experiences can act as an additional data point for you when evaluating the viability of React Native for your projects.

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For more from the engineers and data scientists building Udacity, follow us on Medium.

Leo C. Stein

Postdoctoral researcher, Caltech. Black holes, gravitational waves, general relativity and beyond.

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, or try this .

o +
Re[a ]
Im[a ]
o +

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in x of degree n has the form

P ( x ) = n i = 0 a i x i . P ( x ) = n i = 0 a i x i . (1)

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, there are exactly n roots z i C z i C in the complex plane. LOVE Stories Shelby Briefs Amazing Price For Sale Wiki Sale Online Buy Cheap Best Wholesale Clearance Fashion Style ZmH688R
The same polynomial can be written as

P ( x ) = a n ( x z 1 ) ( x z 2 ) ( x z n ) . P ( x ) = a n ( x z 1 ) ( x z 2 ) ( x z n ) . (2)

Let’s set a n = 1 a n = 1 for simplicity (this is called a monic polynomial).

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we learned how to include partial content from included files. We needed to enclose the content we want to include between start and end tags and reference those tags in our documentation markup. But Glamorous Cami Dress With Ruffle Straps In Ditsy Berry Print Wide Range Of Cheap Price 8XQQQZV
already mentioned in a tweet we can use line numbers as well:

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you can also use -1 in the include range, like this

– Andres Almiray (@aalmiray) Buy Cheap Free Shipping Hamp;M Chokercollar jumper Discount Geniue Stockist Outlet Footlocker Pictures Outlet Explore Discount sxW7Q

Let’s see this in action in our Asciidoc markup. We can use the include macro and specify the lines we want to include with the lines attribute. We can include multiple lines by specifying a range ( 1..10 ), or separate different line sections with a ; . To indicate we want to include lines from a starting line up until the end of the file we can use -1 to indicate the end of the file.

Here is the source of the file we want to include:

And when we generate an HTML version of our markup we see that only part of the original source file is included in the output:

Original blog post written on August 05, 2014.

Writing documentation with Asciidoc is such a treat. We can add markers to our code where we want to explain something in our code. The markers have numbers and are enclosed in < and > brackets. The explanation for the markers follows a code listing in a callout list. Here we use the same marker and add extra text to explain the code. We can put the markers in comments in our code so we can use the markers in existing code.

Suppose we have the following piece of documentation where we add two markers (in comments) to some Groovy source code:

When we generate this into an HTML document with the prettify syntax highlighter and icon font we get the following output:

Original blog post written on May 05, 2014.

In Asciidoctor we can configure syntax highlighting for our source code listings. We can choose from the built-in support for Coderay, Pygments, highlight.js and prettify. The syntax highlighter libraries Coderay and Pygments support extra highlighting of lines, so we can add extra attention to those lines. In this post we see how to use the line highlighting feature in Asciidoctor.

First we must add the document attribute source-highlighter and use the value coderay or pygments . When we use Coderay we must also enable the line numbers for the source code listing, because Coderay will highlight the line numbers in the output. Pygments highlight the whole line, with or without line numbers in the output. Therefore we choose Pygments in our example. To highlight certain lines in the source code output we use the highlight attribute for the source code block. We can specify single line numbers separated by a comma ( , ) or semi colon ( ; ). If we use a comma we must enclose the value of the highlight attribute in quotes. To define a range of line numbers we can define the start and end line numbers with a hyphen in between (eg. 5-10 to highlight lines 5 to 10). To unhighlight a line we must prefix it with a exclamation mark (!). For example the following value for the highlight attribute highlights the lines 2, 3 to 7 and not 5: [source,highlight=1;3-7;!5] .

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