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Contemplative Service
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Working with AsciiDoc and Asciidoctor

Jared Morgan

Commands and procedures you can follow to install Asciidoctor.

How to write in AsciiDoc using different tools and methods.

Load RubyInstaller site and download the installer.

Once Ruby is installed, install Asciidoctor through the command line:

Ruby is installed by default on Mac, but you need 1.9.2 at a minimum.

See Installing Asciidoctor on Mac OSX for different approaches to installing Asciidoctor on Mac.

AsciiDoc is just text. So you can write AsciiDoc documents in anything that you can write plain text in. There are some recommendations for Windows users, such as using anything but notepad because it introduces formatting that is not cross-compatible.

Ways you can write AsciiDoc documents:

Write in a text editor and preview in Chrome.

Write offline in GUI Editors such as Atom.io.

Write online directly in GitHub.

Write offline in GitHub, commit changes when online, render to Asciidoctor automatically using Travis CI.

While it is available on Chrome and Firefox, the Chrome version also has the advantage of allowing you the choice of stylesheets. It’s great for looking at a single file locally without the overhead of running a GUI editor. Quick and simple.

You can use a Google Chrome extension called Asciidoctor.js Live Preview to render a local file in Asciidoctor.

Open Chrome’s Web App Store.

Search for "Asciidoctor".

Install the Extension.

Ensure you set the access to local files permission in

Go demo the local files permission, and then show the different stylesheets. Also demo how you can use command line args to have the extension ignore stuff like Jekyll front matter.

Atom Editor is a GUI Editor, which is compatible with Linux/Mac/Windows.

Get it at http://atom.io and install it.

The asciidoc-preview package gives you a live rendered preview. It’s as close to WYSIWYG as you can get in Atom. And it’s FAST and REAL TIME.

Open Edit⇒Preferences⇒Packages

Search for and Install.

Alternativley , you can download the package from GitHub and add it to .

Open an AsciiDoc file in Atom.

CTRL+SHIFT+A to show.

If you want syntax highlighting for AsciiDoc files, install the language-asciidoc package.

Search for .

Install it like asciidoc-preview

If you store your docs on GitHub, you can use the site’s editor to write in AsciiDoc, and get a basic render of AsciiDoc text.

Demo how this works using the Android Users Guide. Show how you can switch between raw and rendered If you also use a continuous build service like Travis CI, you can save your text and see it rendered in Asciidoctor within minutes.

A GitHub "Forkable" or "Fork-And-Go" is a repository hosted on GitHub that you can make a copy of as a base, then customize and extend it to your requirements.

The goal of a good forkable is to get you up and running with a technology quickly.

Let’s take a look at two that utilize Asciidoctor beautifully:

Jekyll AsciiDoc Quickstart

By phil chappell [CC BY-SA 2.0] via Wikimedia Commons

Typical Joke: ‘ Gamblers Anonymous: how do they know where to send your winnings?’

Typical Joke: ‘

Famed for his work ethic (this may have something to do with his former life as a doctor), Harry Hill is a prolific comedy writer and a ‘national treasure’.

In an interview with Comedy UK , he explained his approach to comedy writing: “A lot of the time it’s just sitting down and thinking of ideas. That’s the boring answer. Very rarely do you walk past something in the street and something pops into your head. It’s just an imagination. It’s just the way you’re wired really. The more you do it the more weird you become in that sense.”

On the other hand, he continues: “Stand-up is so immediate. You can have an idea in the morning and get a laugh for it in the evening. No one else can tell you what to do, apart from the audience. The audience is the ultimate arbiter.”

Typical Joke: “ If you’re being chased by a police dog, try not to go through a tunnel, then on to a little seesaw, then jump through a hoop of fire. They’re trained for that!”

Typical Joke: “

Jones deals in one-liners – sharp, surreal, and often silly. Since winning the Perrier Best Newcomer in 1996, he has appeared regularly on radio and TV panel shows as well as touring.

In an interview with Brian Logan for The Guardian , he explained his joke-writing method:

“It’s about turning things upside down. Looking at the things people say and thinking: what’s the opposite of that?”

Jones has a strong visual aspect to his comedy: “If there’s a mindset in my case, it’s that Ithink in pictures. What I do is put funny cartoons in people’s heads.”

Like many comedians, Jones also exhibits an attention to detail where every word has its role to play: “One word can make all the difference,” explains Jones. “When you eventually get it right, you think: this must exist, surely? There can be a purity about perfect one-liners. It’s as if it’s not from you.”

Typical Joke (Poem):

Having starred in Alan Partridge Mid Morning Matters and Alpha Papa as Sidekick Simon, and enjoyed a stint as resident poet on Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe, Tim Key is a prolific comic talent whether as performance poet, actor, or writer.

In an interview with Now Then Magazine , Key explained how he creates his poems: “I have quite a disposable writing process. I write poems all the time and then try most of them on stage or on Instagram or somewhere. I have a remarkable tolerance for them, but I know some are better than others.”

Like Demitri Martin, Key also has a system for sorting his stand-up material, having his poems written on cards, laminated pornographic playing cards to be precise. ‘It was a way of easily separating them when trying out material: the poems that were definitely going well I would continue to use, the poems that weren’t I’d put to one side.’ The cards are laminated, to stop them being damaged,” Key told Time Out .

GET https://cloud.skytap.com/v2/departments/users?count= 50 offset= 0 sort= last_name query= account_role:standard_user

last_name account_role:standard_user

The following table contains a full list of optional filter and sort parameters:

Parameter Name



Sorts the list of department users either in ascending or descending order.




Filters by the user’s account activation status. If , the user account has been activated.



Filters by user’s last login. Options:



Filters results by various attributes; these are subfilters that can be separated by commas within the query parameter.


Representation of department users.

POST https://cloud.skytap.com/v2/departments/ <department-id> /users/ <user-id> .json


POST https://cloud.skytap.com/v2/departments/ <department-id> /users.json

Representation of added user(s).

Users can belong to only one department. Users are automatically removed from their old department when they are added to a new department.

If this action would result in a quota violation, an error will be returned with details of the overages.

DELETE https://cloud.skytap.com/v2/departments/ <department-id> /users/ <user-id>

DELETE https://cloud.skytap.com/v2/departments/ <department-id> /users.json

This removes a user or users from a department without assigning them to a new department; it does not delete the user(s).


Empty response body


GET https://cloud.skytap.com/departments/ <department-id> /quotas

Note that this request is to the Department Quotas sub-resource, which is contained with the Department resource.


List of limits defined for department. Includes the following fields:

By default, departments limits are set to null .

The process for adding and removing a limit is the same as the process for editing a limit (see the sample request below).

PUT https://cloud.skytap.com/v2/departments/ <department-id> /quotas.json

: One of , , , , or . The quota cannot be edited. : New limit.


Representation of updated limit.


DELETE https://cloud.skytap.com/v2/departments/ <department-id>

The delete request will fail if the department contains any users. To remove users, see Remove User from Department .


Department is deleted.

Step 1: Create the report

POST https://cloud.skytap.com/v2/departments/exports

To request the report be emailed to you when it is complete, append to the URL.


The report is downloaded.

Top Resource list

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Groups v2 resource model

Operations on v2 groups

Get group description

List groups

Create group

Add user to group

Remove user from group

Delete group

Delete multiple groups

Export a groups report (.CSV)

A group is a top-level resource that represents a collection of users. A representation of a group will contain identifying information for the group (such as the group’s name), as well as representations of all the users in the group.


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